Tell Belief- I am Okay. Think Positive Thoughts

Tell Belief, I am Okay. Think Positive Thoughts!

You may come across this type of Auto suggestion. This is one of the good tool every one can use it.

There are always two options going on your mind. One is positive and another one is negative. Both will help you to judge the situation. How?

First start with positive thought :

Positive thinking is reducing stress.

If you feel that I am okay, then you’ll get extra boost up from yourself.
You act and face the situation more confident and peaceful.

For Example:
If you attend a Interview, you’ll calmly answer all questions. Even some questions are irrelevant.
If you need to meet unknown Person, You will meet him/her joyfully.
You will interact with any of girl/boy with great passion and make them as friend.

It is one of the good attitude but t requires Practice and practice. It is not so easy or so difficult.

For example :

while checking your appearance in mirror, something will show the negative part.
While checking your speech, some where it is trickling.
But still you have to say ‘You’re OK’.

The magic will happen.
You’ll look beautiful even there is ugly part;
you speak well even your tone is not good.

Please remember you cannot change you.

But you can show in different way. Yes, you could show in more positive way since you are believing  as You’re OK.

Thoughts are coming and going every moment and trying to hint you something. You always pick positive notes and try to stick with this.

Let’s see about Negative thought :

If you are listening negative thoughts, you’ll start losing your confidence. You’ll loose your peace.

Your mind won’t accept anything.
Even you look beauty it will find fault in it.
You’ll think your friends are becoming your enemies.
Each and every situation will disturb you when you are having negative thoughts.

Therefore my dear Friend, please listen always positive thoughts.

You may read a Book called ‘365 Days of Positive Thinking

Keep on sticking with one attitude the same will be followed without any remembrance.

That one attitude shall be Positive thinking as I am OK.

Good Luck!

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