Be as A Monk

Be as a Monk.

Hope You heard this story.

One day a Monk was passing a river and he found that a scorpion struggling for life in the river water as it was fell down.

After seeing that he pitied on this creature and taken the creature from river by his hand.

The scorpion bit him and fell down immediately. He again saved the scorpion. The same thing happened again and again.

One of the person was seeing this continuously and not able to control his curiosity to ask the Monk.

He asked why you were helping the scorpion continuously when it was biting you.

He told calmly ‘ the creature is showing its character by default and same way I’m showing my character’.

We should go positive side and helping others as a Monk even things are going negative.

That will keep us calm and lead fruitful life.

It’s difficult to follow but can be tried.

Shall we try?

Good Day!

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