TellBelief – All Creatures Are Beautiful

There is no clear definition about beauty.
Please remember that Beauty is Mind dependent.
The Supreme Power created each creature with some meaning. Please try to understand it and see beauty in every creature.
See with Your Mind and not with your Eyes.

Give respect to all creatures especially all human beings and it is being seen by our Supreme Power.
Don’t tease anybody thinking they are ugly. Instead love them as like you.
Parents should teach their kids to practice Love and affections and make them seeing Beauty in all.  
We are borne with some defects and remember it. No body perfect with all.
Be  humble.
The supreme power tests our Character how we react when we see the defected person. He loves the person who loves the defected person.  Mind it. 
The defects are ignored when we are showing great humanity to others.
Once again remember that the Supreme Power created each creature with some meaning. Don’t hurt any body. Love all and get blessings.  
Shall we try to see beauty in All Creatures?
Dedicated to Master Yarraka Bayles, from Brisbane
Good Day !