Search at Lost Place And Get It

Search at Lost Place And Get It.
Most of the times you heard this statement.

By over sighting it looks as a simple statement. Isn’t it?

But, it is one of the meaningful phrase. How?

Lost items may be anything. It may be a Object, Person, Idea, Situation, Event, Dignity, etc.

Lost is lost but it has to be recovered. It has to be got it in new way.

Search needs determination of mind and continuous effort. It won’t stop unless get it. You have to recognize the lost and feels the lost.
That should communicate to your inner mind (internal) ; friends and well wishers(external) to help on this.

Your mind should restless unless you get it .
Yes, some thing knock your soul to find a way.
You are listing out the sequence and remembering and connecting one another.
Asking questions and digging your mind hard disk to tell me more.

You are finding all the possibilities and not take a rest and running towards the point. You are not sleeping and your dreams giving way forward and comforting your mind and body.

You are expanding the boundary of lost place and adopting your mind to learn new things.
You are praying ; You are chanting of mantras ; You are making all the possibilities.

Your continuous efforts are leading you to find the lost item in the lost place.

Finally you find the object ; find the new opportunity; find the new borned yourself.

Yes, Search at Lost Place And Get It.

Good Day !

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