TellBelief – Meeting Child Hood Friends

TellBelief – Meeting Child Hood Friends.

Meeting of old friends is one of the boosting experiences in all times.

Child hood friends are something special.

If you just remember old memories,

There were lot of Promises and Imaginations;
There were lot of Crazy things happened;
There were louder Joy and Cry;
There was no thinking about plus and minus;
There was Promise in the name of God and Parents in common.

That time main thing was enjoyment and enjoyment only.

You lived in different planet in which all were Good and helping. 
There was No cost and no Religion.

Gods were working for kids and gifting whatever they want.

Some of unforgettable beliefs you had:

Peacock feather kept in note book and it would grow;
Pencil shavings saved for making rubber;
Swallowed seeds would grow inside as a tree;
Moon would follow wherever you go;
Bubble gum would kill once swallowed;
God would pierce your eyes if do wrong things.

You might be Hero (or) Queen (or) Soldier (or) Friend in your drama.
Whatever might be, you enjoyed the moment.

Remembering Child hood memories are always special.

Seeing Child hood Friends and speaking about the old memories really worth as getting ‘boon’.

Try to meet all your Child hood friends as and when time permits and enjoy  remembering of your old stories.

You can organize a meeting at common place like Park, old School ground, Beach, Mall, etc.

There will be recollecting of old memories, knowledge sharing and above all helping each other.

You could understand your own historical events and its really unforgettable once shared by your friends.

Yes, you could help your old friends. It is a great opportunity.

If you are not helping your friend, then who will help?
Some times you were away from your friend. Now you found him/her.

He/She was the one who supports you all the time, loved you when ignored, boosted you when you frustrated.

This is the time to act for them. Help them if they are in need.

Live for You and live for Others. It is common Mantra.

 People sometimes hesitate to help others but no one hesitate to help friends.

Now Live for You and Live for Friends.

Happy Friend ship!

Good Luck. 

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