TellBelief- Kill Karna now

In Guruchetra battle, Mahabharat……

One side Arjuna was fighting for dharma and another side Karna fighting for gratitude but against dharma.

Both were using divine weapons. They were having equal strength and power.
Arjuna should defeat Karna because he was fighting for dharma. Like wise Karna should not win as he was in adharma side.

Fighting was going on. Each side divine astras used and destroyed by themselves.
Fighting was going on; Day was going to end; result should come; Dharma needs to be established.

Even though Karna was having good qualities and power, it would not lead him to victory since he supported Duryodhana who practicing adharma.

Any one should win and another should be killed in the battle.

Karna’s chariot was moving towards Arjuna and one of the wheel fell in a small pit. Once his chariot driver did not help, he came down for lifting the wheel.

Lord Krishna told Arjuna, ‘Kill Karna now!

Arjuna got doubt and asked Lord Krishna why you were confusing me.

‘You know very well.No opponent should be killed in a battle when there is no weapon. Now Karna is not having a weapon,Dhanush. How can I kill him?’- Arjuna asked.

Lord Krishna told Arjuna, ‘I know Arjuna. But the truth is that No one can kill Karna when he is having weapon,Dhanush’. What a honour to Karna!

Here you need to see two things.
*Opponent should be killed when he is weak
*Using the time when the opponent weak. i.e. Speaking on Chances.

In First scenario :
Chances should not be given to opponent when you get a chance.
You could see in sports like Boxing, they won’t allow opponent to respond. Keep on hitting and making fall down till they win.
Some times we knowingly missed the right opportunity and awaiting for another. That opportunity never come again. So,
defeat the opponent when he is weak.

In Second scenario :
Chances are many.
It is not only defeating opponent but also using the chances like:
taking picture when there is rare phenomena,
meeting important person in his allowable micro leisure time,
taking decision of purchasing valuable thing in rare scenario
Curing of decease at right time and right spirit
Stopping at right time to close the deal.

Here again repeating in another way :
*Defeat an Opponent when there is weakness
*Using the chances for Win

Please remember your role may change between you and your opponent like Arjuna and Karna.

You should understand the situation and act accordingly. You may need a good advisor like Lord Krishna to help and win any situation.

Good Day !

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  1. Good one.. if we get any chance we have to utilize.. second option.. we need to get advice from who knows about th story/subject.. etc


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