TellBelief – Confirm First and Enjoy Next

You may come across many incidents speaking on early celebration of failure event. 

This may be one and teach something.

In Mahabharat, Kurukshetra war, Jayadratha, King of Sindhu was fighting for his brother in law, Duryodhana.

One day in war, he diverted the attention of Pandavas and hold them one corner and the same time Gauravas killed Abhimanyu, the son of Aujuna brutally in Chakravyuga trick.

Arjuna got immense angry seeing his beloved son killed cruelly by Gauravas. All his angry anchored on Jayadratha.

He took oath to kill Jayadratha the next day in war mercilessly otherwise kill himself by firing.

On hearing his oath, Dronacharya put all his efforts to safe guard him.

Arjana was fighting vigorously and killing their enemies. He  searched Jayadratha for completing his oath. He could not find him after long search.

He shouted ‘come out Jayadratha to fight’.

All Gauravas team knew Arjuna would kill Jayadratha and hence they were carefully hiding him.

After his undue conceal and Arjuna’s frustration, Lord Krishna made a trick and temporarily close the sun. Then there were darkness everywhere which signaling Sun set.

After seeing the darkness, Jayadratha thought that the day was over and came out with laughter and teased Arjuna lonely.
Gauravas was confused about the situation but rejoiced to see Arjuna’s suicide .

After seeing Jayadratha, Arjuna turned his face to Lord Krishna in defeated mode.

He smiled and taken back his Chakrayutha and then Sun shining and showed day was not over.

Arjuna understood the trick and arrowed Jayadratha and killed.

This was to be happened to establish dharma.

You could see some learning in this.

You should always get proper information/consultation before react in difficult situation;
Your team may confuse about your early conclusion on something;
You should not rejoice when your team is missing;
You should not celebrate without your team confirmation;
You should not leave your weapon, kit, inner fire,desire, until the work completed.

Any way Jayadratha should be killed for establishing dharma.

But you need not suffer like this by doing mistakes. Therefore


Leave your kits after completion of work;

Leave your desire after fulfillment;

Enjoy louder after confirmation of victory by your Team !

Good Luck !

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