Let It Be

Let It Be

Dear friend,

Let it be something unturned and unchanged.

Yes, you must accept the things as they are.

Your face

Your parent

Your Birth place and so on.

Let it be as it is.

You cannot continuously spend your valuable time on something which is unchanged (or) not required to change.

Likewise, some people are adamant listening to your words and not ready to travel with you.

Some material is not shaped as you like.

Some material cannot be repaired as you like.

Some situation is not changed as you like.

Let it be.  There may be various reasons.

You might fail to convince them (or) your words are not expressed properly.

Your efforts are not sufficient.

Let it be.

One thing you should ask yourself. Is it required?

If it is required, put your effort to change it otherwise accept it and leave it as it is.

You have done your work and move on.  The time will come and changes will happen.

You are here to achieve something and register your name in the success book.

You are here to heel somebody who will trust you and your words.  

You are here to do the special things allotted for you.

You are here to support the universe and travel with it.

Please keep remember your times are more precious and you have to do lot of works in your short life.

So put your efforts and leave it to the universe and time. They’ll take care.

The universe allows every creature to decide their actions and also allows one can interfere on others actions.

You have to act your own work otherwise someone interfere and act on you.

Take a look and concentrate on your actions and do it well. Rest of things will be happened in course of time. Let it be.

Your time; your task; your life! Chase it!

Rest of things let it be happened!

Good Day!

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