Author : Mr Anbumani

Wait for your moment:

We are traveling in the life boat. There are many stops during our journey .

We learn, practice and improve . i.e. Learning curve, practicing curve and improving curve.

We learn to practice, we practice to learn, we learn to practice we practice to improve in learning, we improve in practicing , we practice and improve learning , synergistic effect. 

Hold on for a moment.

Are you really patient?  If patience is not there, it will make you a patient.

Patience gives you mental stability as like Exercise gives you physical stability. Silence gives you emotional stability.

Please wait for a moment.

In life there is no successful or failure moment .It is based on their personal willingness on that subject for approval.

Create moment for the momentum and success is ahead.

Wait a moment, wait for a moment and wait for that moment.

Good Day !

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