Author : Mr Anbumani

“ We should never get upset with people or situations, because both are powerless without our reaction “

  • In Daily routine, many things are happening start from morning; some makes  exhausted, demotivated, discouraged some times feels like  crying.
  • People interaction with each other and are asking about weather, things to do, breakfast ,lunch ,dinner  menus every day as routine but feels bored.
  • Observing this we could find one thing.
    Every part of life needs shoulder to encourage it.
    It makes the situation better. Isn’t it?
  • In phase of childhood, one needed encouragement ,approval, cuddling, kisses, friendship, etc which are absolutely right.
  • When I became a man, developing  neutral effect and handing over everything to supreme power .
  • Sharing one of my life experience to you. There was small lumps developed in my body, further developed into  small &  more lumps as years goes by.
  • This caused a anxiety , fear of  disease ,doubt of future.
    It made me very sad and lead the situation worse.
  • I developed ‘no reaction effort’   slowly afterwards. What a miracle!
    The lumps are as it is but the situation becomes normal.
    It made me feel happy and satisfied.

    Piece of understanding- Body remain soul is like a rented Bicycle on returnable basis.Ride it with no expectations and it will give you immense pleasure.

    Understand one thing:
  • People exist; Situations exist; Reaction of upset or happy exists.
  • Success lies in not reacting to above situations.
  • This thinking make you powerful day by day.

Good Day!

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