Art of Being Happy

Author : Mr Anbumani

 “ The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from simple and common things.  “

This is one of the vast subject being explained till now.

Since two decades I have been used to visit libraries for reading various newspapers and books on various topics inclusive of Management , Cooking, Self Development, etc.

 When I’m visiting libraries, I really put myself in that position of writer to enjoy each and every  stuff written on book. I feel it is necessary to enjoy more.Isn’t?

I’m enjoying beautiful pictures seen on book  for cookery recipes and then enjoying cooking of various recipes and tasting them with  friends and family. 

Traveling across India, visiting new places, exploring new places in spite of difficulties, hardships in traveling and at the end of the day it makes me satisfied.

 Even though body pains due to traveling and expenses are there but it gives  immense pleasure.

 When traveling city like Chennai on two wheeler  feel like free flying butterfly going here and there to suck honey.

When purchasing groceries items on supermarkets feels like purchasing this planet itself. Wow ! what an amazing feeling.

 When going to office, visiting new clients ,exploring new business possibilities and conveying boss at the end of the day, it gives  immense happiness .

Happiness is an attitude  found in every human being and  to be dug deep inside to find it.

 If we cannot find this beautiful attitude inside on us then we have to keep on searching here and there by spending crores of money to find this happiness.

 Many people failed when searching happiness on an empty place.

Friends ,relatives , guides, spiritual gurus, surroundings, little new things, ownership we have on this planet on each and every task we do contribute to this happiness.

Finding inner beauty in beautiful world with happy attitude extracts and gives back the power of happiness.

In this materialistic world, it is difficult to do every task or duties with understanding and getting satisfaction through it.

One must know that what am I doing, why am I doing, how am I doing, when am I doing , where  am I doing , finally what is going to be the end result.

This refers to  accountability of each and every activity and better understanding of ourselves.

In olden days people knew their activity in detail and worked with specific time bound to get the result.

They had limited activity based on the daily available time and earned through it and enjoyed it.

 In modern Times, it is difficult to be satisfied.

 Peer pressure from  society increases our adrenaline level high and it is growing day by day according to the society and market expectations.

 In modern world, market demand created every product as product marketing and lifestyle marketing.

Financiers are understanding each and every one nowadays and ready to finance even for small capital goods which makes people happy. Both are interdependent.

It seems all things needed in life essentially to make us happy but it depends on repaying methodology and capacity.

It doesn’t mean not spending too much. It’s about spending for appropriate items and time.

Think twice before you act.

Happiness is a art of living and not just acting!

Good Day !

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