TellBelief – Journey Never Ends

TellBelief – Journey Never Ends.

Yes, all creatures are living in this universe with never ending cycle.

It is cyclic and recyclic phenomena as it is believed.

 Someone can try to prove it is not recyclic but thing is that no one eternal to conclude it.

But Life is keeping on teaching to understand in various situations that you are recycled.

Please imagine the situation that the need of new face (new actor) for each new Drama/Picture. Is it possible to fulfill ?  Certainly not.

Very few faces can be introduced as new artist besides  existing artists must be utilized for all characters in any of new Drama/Picture.

The same way the universe cannot produce completely new one all the times.
That means the creatures are reborned.

As a human being you could recollect some old memories in this birth which is not experienced at any time.

Like : Accepting new Friend ship, Remembering complicated route,
solving difficult mathematical problems, building complicated structure, temple, etc.
That too requires great effort to understand it.

Other than human beings we are not putting effort to understand (or) find this phenomena happened in other creatures. But surely it will happen.

There are some left out in previous birth which needs to be continued. That is law of reycling.
Your are leaving in your body some times and leaving it and carrying your Soul into other births.

So, live your life happily and peacefully. Nothing will happen. You’ll get time to continue.

Rich can not be Rich always; like wise Poor can not be Poor always!

Please keep remember that the nature helps the person who loves the law of equality and spreading love.

It won’t allow negative person who is disturbing others, being happy always and it takes their birth to trial until get it converted to Good Heart.

Nature always teaches that live and let live.

Then why the anger and frustration?

Please treat every human being as your relations and loved one as they might be linked any of your birth.

Human beings are superior creatures who can spread love to all and forgive mistakes and keep the universe joyous.

Keep the motto as
You are here to live your Life happily and peacefully and also make the same to others.

Whoever follows this, their life will go happily and peacefully at all Births.

Good Day !

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