Tree (or) Elephant ?

Tree (or) Elephant? 

Do you want to see the shape of an object and enjoy its beauty?  


Do you want to see the material of construction of an object and estimate it?  

When you the shape and experience its beauty, you won’t bother about the material of construction.

The same way, when you are focusing on Material of construction, you won’t bother about the shape and beauty.

Thirumoolar , Tamil Saint explained this concept in his Thirumanthiram.

You just imagine a Elephant Toy made out of Teak Wood.

If you see the Elephant, Teak wood disappears.

If you want to see Teak wood to estimate its value, the elephant disappears.

Both are in one thing. But you are differentiating with your thought.

This is one of the thought processes to accept the God existence.

God is everywhere but you are searching him as an object.
But he dwells as like Elephant (toy) dwells in Tree.  

Each object is created with some purpose.
Only Creator knows the purpose.

You are mere user (or) just spectator.

You enjoy the beauty of an object as if it is one the form of God.

Keep your search at all places and objects and get it enlightened.

Tree (or) Elephant? 

Tree disappear Elephant;
Elephant hides Tree.

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