The Effects of Karma – fate1

This Author is describing various events in the Hindu epic Mahabharata in his own way. He is expressing whole things as effects of karmas of various characters involved in it.

The Effects of Karma -fate1

He was a good hunter and no one missed in his target. He went to his nearby forest as a routine work and thought to hunt a deer. He searched a lot and found a creature hide behind a tree and thought that it was a deer.

Time and tide wait for none.

He took his bow and targeted on that creature.


Yes, it was arrowed perfectly.

Loud sound came from the target point.  But, the sound heard differently.

Generally a good hunter knew the sounds of animals and birds very well.

 Alas, he killed a person and not a deer. How it was happened?

He saw only a bare foot of a person but unfortunately he thought it was a deer.  

His arrow never disappointed him. At that time the man was hunted instead of a deer.

The hunter worried lot. What to do? Fate never fails.

Oh,  it was a fate of Lord Rama. Yes, he killed great Vanara  king of Kishkindha in the Hindu epic Ramayan by hiding himself behind a tree.

Vali had a boon that his opponent loses half of his power when he stood in front of him. Hence he was killed like that.

Lord Rama had given Vali a chance to kill him as pay back when he took the incarnation of Krishna.

Like that the effects of karma was compromised.

The hunter was none other than Vali. He borned as Jara in  Mahabharat period.

The hunted person was Lord Krishna who needed to leave his earthly body after end of Guruchetra war.


Karma never fails. It will give good (or) bad based on its nature.

Let the fate continues with karma………..


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