The Effects of Karma -fate2

This Author is describing various events in the Hindu epic Mahabharata in his own way. He is expressing whole things as effects of karmas of various characters involved in it.

The Effects of Karma -fate2

A young and beautiful man was wandering nearby a jungle and enjoying his lonely visit and the beauty of nature.

He was singing and dancing as he liked and made that place with joyous atmosphere. He walked towards a river.

All of a sudden a beautiful young lady appeared in that place as adding bliss and she was gently walking and taking the attention of that place.

The young man was accidentally seeing the young lady and shocked with delight and standstill as statue.

He couldn’t stop wondering of the girl’s beauty.

Beauty should be adored. Isn’t it?

He gently approached the girl and asked ‘why are you here lonely?’

She said to him and asked ‘it’s my place. Where do I go?’  He was becoming restless lover and said to her and asked, ‘Oh beauty, it’s OK. What I will say?

‘A cool breeze was blowing but warming the hearts of the duo’.

He forgot what to speak next and said to the girl ‘ I’m in love with you. Will you marry me?’

What she would say once her pair was found? She had agreed but she put one condition.

She said, ‘my love, you have to accept whatever I do without any question. If it is OK then we’ll proceed for marrying’.

Who’ll deny against the gorgeous girl plea?

He said that he would accept it and married her.

The life was passing happily and the duo got birth to a baby boy.

She took her baby boy and put in the river where she appeared. Her husband controlled his anger remembering promise and not able to ask anything.

It was continued mercilessly. She had given birth to a baby boy again and baby’s cute smile made her husband mad and leading to take hard decision.

 He decided to stop killing the baby and asked her to leave the baby to live.  He infringed the promise.

He thought that she would ignore her wordings and continue wih him.

Things to remember:

Women are always right and no one can question them.

She said gently, “My dear, I leave the baby and also leave you. This baby will be having all good qualities and be a mighty warrior and commander. He will save your name’.

She blessed the baby and handed over to him and left the place.

He lost his beautiful wife. What to do? Fate never fails.

His son was none other than Devadattan alias Bhishmar who was the great warrior and advisor and key character of Mahabharat.

The lady was none other than Ganga.

The young was none other than King Shantanu. He was Guru King of Hastinapuram.

He was younger son of couple  King Pratipa and Sunanda.

The epic started with Guru King Shantanu Family.

Karma never fails. It will give good (or) bad things based on its nature.

Let the fate continues with karma………..

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