The Effects of Karma –fate3

This Author is describing various events in the Hindu epic Mahabharata in his own way. He is expressing whole things as effects of karmas of various characters involved in it.

The Effects of Karma –fate3

One of the renowned Rishi was passing a kingdom during his spiritual tour and planned to take rest for some days due to tiredness.

He approached the king asked his help for his accommodation. As he was known to be angrier person and spiritually superior with his tapas, the king immediately accepted and asked his daughter to take care of the Rishi.

The king’s daughter was a strong as well as kind hearted girl. She used to help needy people.

She was providing wonderful hospitality as he could not find even tiny mistakes. She helped him with whole heartedly.
He was very satisfied with her hospitality and kindness. So, her fulfillment paved the way for Rishi to offer a boon.

He taught her the Atharvaveda mantras, which enables a woman to invoke any god of her choice to beget children by them.

She was happy receiving the boon and however she was not having any clue about that. So, her immaturity triggered to try the boon. She was reciting the mantra thinking in her mind one of the powerful Lord.

There was a bright light surrounded her which made her to close her eyes tightly. She was frightened and forgot everything for a moment.

She opened eyes slowly when the Lord called her gently. Initially she was not able to identify the Lord and stood as a statue. 

The Lord introduced her about his identity and given a beautiful baby boy.She could not believe what was happened but slowly recollected. As she was not married, pleaded him to take back the boon and avoid giving birth to child.

The Lord feared about the Rishi’s boon and convinced her to accept the boon.

What to do? We need to accept the result of fate and there is no way to escape.

She had given birth to a baby boy and cried what to do with the baby.

At last , she shared all the things to her lady assistant and both of them decided to leave the child in the river.

She wrapped the child in her costly saree and put in a basket with full of flowers to comfort the baby.

She cried continuously and hesitated to leave the child.

The Lord was seeing all the things and pitied on her. He appeared in front of her and persuaded with kind words.

He offered permanent divine shield and ear rings to the baby boy’s body to protect.

He said, “Don’t worry. I will take care of this baby and he will be a great warrior”.

On hearing all soothing words made her comfort and she left the baby boy in the river.

Do you want to know what was happened to the baby boy?

Yes, certainly.

The baby boy was a great warrior indeed and king of Anga crowned by Duryodhana, his great friend. He was Karna, man of helping the needy.

The girl who brought Karna through divine boon was none other than Pandavas Mother Kunti Devi.

The powerful Lord was Lord Surya and the Rishi was Durvasa.

Karma never fails. It will give good (or) bad things based on its nature.

Let the fate continues with karma………..

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