Make Priority

Author : Mr Anbumani

Make yourself a priority.At the end of the day you are your longest commitment.

When I was reading this passage I was amazed , I was taken back to surprise how true it is in our own lives.

Generally we prioritize others opinion, others thought process ,others lifestyle ,others money , others beauty ,others knowledge, others wisdom ,others exercise but fail to make own decision a priority.

Small drop makes Big Ocean.

Small piece of thoughts together form a sentence, form a paragraphs, form essay & gives happiness at the end of the day.

As the day goes by I started making myself a priority with respect to the commitment in this world.

In the fast moving world, time is less to think about ourself who we are why we have come in this world , what we can deliver to this word and how you are going to do that.

Becoming mini computers in this modern world will make our world boring space to live in.

Prioritizing ourselves needs courage , having belief in oneself, getting ahead even the circumstances or not favorable, moving in critical Times , encouraging others even during our difficult Times and so on give gives the synchronizing effort and effect.

Prioritize to make this world a better place to live in . You have to share your thoughts to bond around the world with like minded people.
That reality should be the priority.

If that is your taste, then we have lot of things to do to move around that goal which will keep us binding.

This small commitment at the end of the day Nexus satisfied human being a better person to communicate for the generations to come leaving better place and space for future generation with a clear cut thinking of how it has to be preceded.

Last but not least if this process goes around the mind to make yourself a priority at the end of the day you are your longest commitment where no power can stop your work in the way you think in midst of all shortcomings and daily routines.

Eat well ,think well ,go ahead!

Everyday is a day of learning,caring and sharing. Isn’t?

Let make this planet a better place to live in.

Good Day!

note: readers are requested to comment on this which helps for improvement

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