Action Speaks Louder than Words

Author : Mr Anbumani

Time is  very precious resource which to be utilized for  benefit of others. Isn’t?

People spend money to purchase time.

People spend time to purchase money.

Time is precious commodity and to be spent generously for doing  actions bringing out best reactions.

There are tangible assets and intangible assets.

Tangible assets include time, money, land, building and so on.

Intangible assets include brand value, asset , perceived value,  individual satisfaction, gratitude,giving back to community, social responsibility and so on.

Intangible assets are not easy to measure but it’s like remarks which exist in society about the persons individuality .

We cannot go to society and plead  our cause.

Words speak our mind.

Be precise on what to say and effective on what to do.

Action speaks louder than words.

Few minutes of action is better than few hours of thinking 🤔.

Think twice before you act but not 2000 times. This will kill time and efficiency.

Finally ending up to be  better planner and someone has to execute the plan on our behalf.

Long story short act ,react, measure ,act ,react, grow .

This will bring positive psychological effect in future generation who are observing us very closely.

“ Twenty minutes of doing something is more valuable, than twenty hours of thinking about to do something’’
Do it now.

Good Day !

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