Leave Past And Think Future

Author : Mr Anbumani

“ If we don’t leave our past in the past, it will destroy our future. Let’s live for what today has to offer, and not for what yesterday has taken away “ 💐

Hi guys/girls .Very excited to write .

 Past is past,  in past tense, nothing related to future.

 Leaving our past needs  courage and determination.

Life is motion in the ocean.

 Courage permits to leave shore , sail in great ocean , reaching shore another day.

Every other day leaves  footprint of determination, hard work , sacrifice and so on.

Logic of life – Get paid for today’s work.

Even bigger companies work everyday to earn their living ,to  grow day by day.

Past gives you experience and guidance for the present and future.

 Leave past and think future (or) leave future and keep on thinking past.
Which one you want to adopt?
It leads you to success (or) sorrow.

Decide now and move on.

  Yesterday’s fruit, vegetables was tastier.

 Consumed ,digested ,got energy.

 Taste today’s fruit of success.

Together with commitment latest come together to build our respective nation .

Good Day !

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